Unlocked iPhones Compatible with all U.S. Carriers

iPhone Models You Should Buy For Full US Compatibility

Most modern iPhones support all U.S. cellular networks. Since the iPhone 6s, Apple has sold models that can be used on all networks: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and most smaller carriers (MVNOs).

New Models Available from Apple

All of the following phone can be purchase now, directly from Apple. When choosing a network, as shown in the image below, pick “Unlocked and SIM-Free. Activate with any carrier later.”


If you aren’t buying directly from Apple, use the table below to ensure you purchase the correct model. Also, make sure that the phone is unlocked, and if it is used, make sure it isn’t iCloud locked and has a clean IMEI (meaning it hasn’t been reported lost or stolen).

Apple iPhones that Support All US Networks
Name Model Number Cost From Apple
iPhone Xs A1920 $999
iPhone Xs Max A1921 $1099
iPhone XR A1984 $749
iPhone X A1865 N/A*
iPhone 8 A1863 $599
iPhone 8 Plus A1864 $699
iPhone 7 A1660 $449
iPhone 7 Plus A1661 $569
iPhone 6s A1688 N/A*
iPhone 6s Plus A1687 N/A*
iPhone SE A1723 N/A*

* Not currently available on Apple.com. Price will vary depending on where it is purchased. You can find them on third-party sites like Swappa or eBay.