Ethics Policy

Review Technica operates under the following ethics policy. All authors and editors are required to abide by it, including freelancers and contributors while they produce content for the site.

Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

We believe that some forms of advertising can degrade the user experience. We do not like intrusive popup or popover ads, autoplaying video ads, and similar forms of advertisement. When ads are served on our site we try to make them unobtrusive as possible. For example, no ads will block or cover any content. If you ever see an ad that is covering actual content on our site please let us know as it should not be there.

We do not accept money from companies as a condition or incentive to write a review or article. All reviews, tutorials, and other editorial content on Review Technica is written because we wanted to write it, not because we were paid or influenced by an advertiser, manufacturer, marketing agency, or PR firm. We do not write or publish any advertorial content on Review Technica.

Our website contains affiliate marketing links, meaning we may be paid a commission for sales that are made through our affiliated links. For example, this may occur if a reader purchases a product we wrote about by following a link to an external site like Amazon that sells the product. Those affiliate links are generated after the review has been written, and our editorial content and ratings are not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships.

Samples For Review

Companies may loan units, products, or samples to us for a given period of time in order for us to determine if want to review the product on Review Technica. We assume that all review units will be sent back when we are finished with the review. If the company that provided the review sample does not want the product returned to them, we may keep the item to compare it to other products in the future. We may also give away review units to our readers. If we receive a product for free that is given to us to keep we will always disclose that to our readers.

We often decide to review products that has not been sent to us. In these cases we purchase the products for review ourselves.


Occasionally, we will conduct contests and giveaways for readers on our site. Each giveaway or contest will have its own terms which will be binding on readers who decide to participate. Giveaways of products are not endorsements of the companies involved or their products.