Get Credit for ETFs When Switching to Ting

Ting ETF promotion - no contract

Today Ting announced that they are again providing some relief from early termination fees (ETFs), but this time it is not just a time or user limited promotion, it is a permanent part of their service. As Ting put it, “ETF relief is just something we do now.”

I took advantage of their last promotional ETF relief program to switch the rest of my family over to Ting from another carrier and it worked great – from the credit I was given I didn’t have to pay anything for our cell phone service for months.

Starting today Ting is offering to pay 25% of your ETFs (up to $75 per line) for breaking your contract and switching to their no-contract service.

How does the new ETF program work?

  1. Sign up for an account and activate a device with Ting. It can be a new phone bought directly from Ting, or a Sprint device you bring over to Ting.
  2. Port your current number to Ting (this will happen during the phone activation process).
  3. Get the ETF documents from your old cell phone carrier and submit them to Ting.
  4. After submitting your final bill, you will get a credit in your Ting account for 25% of whatever you paid in ETFs to your previous carrier.
If you have been contemplating switching to Ting, now may be a good time if you will have to pay for early termination fees.

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