How to Change the Stock Evervolv or SpazeDog ICS or JB Boot Animation

Although Evervolv and SpazeDog ICS and JB roms for the Nexus One are very good, I did not really like the boot animations provided.  Luckily, that is very easy to change.

I decided to use the stock Jelly Bean (JB) boot animation found on xda-developers, but you can search for and use any one that you like.

If you use the above boot animation, the easiest way to install it is download the “flashable” version to your phone’s SD card, reboot into recovery, then “install from zip” and install it.

You can also manually copy the to the correct folder “/data/local” using root explorer or a similar app directly on your phone.

If you are using a different boot animation that is not flashable and you do not want to manually copy the file on you phone, you can use adb to push it directly to your phone. Once you have found and downloaded the boot animation you want to put on your phone, copy it into the same folder where ADB is located – for me that is C:/android-sdk/platform tools, but will vary depending on your computer.  Also, make sure the boot animation is a zip file named “bootanimation”.

Plug in your Nexus One to your computer.  Open the command prompt and cd to the location of ADB:

cd C:\android-sdk\platform-tools

adb push /data/local 

adb reboot

That should be all you have to do!  Enjoy your new boot animation.