How to Install Google Now on SpazeDog Jelly Bean Nexus One Rom

I have shown you how to install the SpazeDog Jelly Bean (JB) or Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) roms on your Nexus One Nexus one before. However, one of the cool new features in Jelly Bean is called Google Now but is not currently being bundled with SpazeDog roms.  Learn more about Google now and how to install it below.

Learn more about Google Now here – Google has a video explaining what it can do.

If you are using an ICS rom but still want to try Google Now, you are in luck, it is possible.  Read about how to install Google Now on an ICS device over at xda-developers.

If you already have the SpazeDog Jelly Bean rom installed on your Nexus One, follow this link to xda-developers and download the latest version of the AROMA installer for Google Apps. Copy the zip file to your Nexus One’s SD card.

Reboot the Nexus One into recovery → select “install from sdcard” → “choose zip from sdcard” → “gapps-jb-aromainstaller” (or whatever you named the zip you downloaded) as shown below.

Install Google Now

Then just follow the prompts until you get to the selection of “Full Install” vs “Custom Install.” Choose “Custom Install” and then select “Google Now – App.” The offline dictation is not needed and it is very large – if you decide to install it make sure you have enough room on your system partition.

Install Google Now

Now when the installation is complete, your phone will reboot and you will be able to use Google Now!