How to Mute Camcorder Sounds on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3

I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy SII that I use on my favorite provider, Ting, and have learned a few things about turning off annoying sounds that are typically not user-adjustable on Sprint phones.

Update: if you do not wish to root your device or want to mute other sounds, check out my guide on muting any sounds with Tasker.

This tutorial was prompted by questions asked on another post, How to Turn of Galaxy S2 Camera Sounds.  This adjustment requires that you have a rooted device, but if your device is already rooted it is a very simple fix.

First, if you do not already have some sort of root file browser, download one – I am using root browser lite in this tutorial – but anything that can change file permission will work fine.

Now open the root browser and navigate to system → media → audio → ui as shown below:
Once you are in the “ui” folder look for two files, “Cam_Start.ogg” and “Cam_Stop.ogg” as shown below:
These are the sound files that make the noise when recording video.  Long press Cam_Start.ogg first and then press “Permissions” as shown below. Once you have selected permissions, UN-check all of the permissions as shown below and press OK:

Repeat this process for “Cam_Stop.ogg”, again turning off all of the permissions. Once you have turned off all the permissions the Cam_Start.ogg and Cam_Stop.ogg files should look like this with no read or write permissions:

That should be all you have to do to turn off the video camera sounds. You can learn more about how to turn off the regular Galaxy S2 camera sounds, and how to turn off the boot and power down sounds if you really want to stop all the annoying noises this phone makes 🙂